For the majority of my early 20's, my life looked like this:

  • I'm having a good day. Maybe my borderline personality disorder is cured.
  • Feeling great.
  • I text someone who is a really great friend.
  • They don't respond.
  • I start to feel anxious. Stupid, even.
  • Hours go by. I begin to wonder if they even care about me.
  • My good day is slowly turning into a shit day.
  • Now my laptop isn't turning on.
  • Everything is falling apart. I hate myself. 
  • Cue mental breakdown.

Does this cycle sound familiar? These are roughly the steps that lead up to a full-on splitting episode that comes with living with borderline personality disorder. While I can't ensure that the episodes don't come, I can take lots of preventative measures so I do minimal damage.

I created a Crisis Management Plan.

Inside this crisis management plan, I included:

  • How to figure out if you're about to split
  • What to do in case you do split
  • How others should help you during a split
  • What to do after you start splitting
  • Creating better therapy sessions
  • Tracking your medication
  • Creating a space for happiness

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Crisis plan Mockup.png