Online Mental Health Support Groups

I often turn to my support system over the internet, rather than going to people I know in person. When using an online mental health support group, I'm allowed the time to sit there, write my thoughts, and then edit them, afterwards. With mental health support groups, I may not be getting professional help from a certified therapist, but I am hearing stories and advice from others who live with a mental health disorder.

Over the past few years, I've found several online mental health support groups that have been a catalyst in my recovery. You might enjoy them too!

7 Cups of Tea

This is a place to talk to others like you and get advice from those who have trained with the 7 cups of tea staff. They work as those who lend a listening ear. As far as I know, everything is volunteer based. Click here to check out 7 cups of tea.

R/BPD subreddit

I've been on the BPD subreddit for several months now. It makes me feel like I am finally in a place where others who live with borderline personality disorder, and I, can freely talk about what it's like to live with this disorder, and not be judged by it. If you're living with borderline personality disorder, this subreddit is one to check out.


I originally downloaded Stigma to be a daily mood tracker. Turns out, you can write anonymous journal entries, which others can respond to, and you can also be paired up with a "pen pal."

You're given a nickname when you sign up, to keep you and others anonymous to each other. You can click here to get Stigma.

The Anxiety Lounge

One of my favorite mental health bloggers is Kel from Anxious Lass. While anxiety isn't at the forefront of my mental health disorders (compared to BPD or schizoaffective disorder) I love the material that she writes on her candid, frank blog.

The Anxiety Lounge is the Facebook group that Kel runs, alongside her blog.

Do you have other favorite mental health support groups?

Let me know in the comments below!