The 3 Support Systems You Need on Your Side

As we get older, sometimes our circle of friends get smaller and smaller. People move away. Work gets in the way. And before we know it, we begin to isolate ourselves in adulthood. While I don't believe that having a large number of friends is the answer, I still think that it's better to have a support system than to self isolate.

Without further ado, here are the 3 support systems you need on your side.

1. The Mentors

Mentors are people who are more experienced than you, in certain areas of life. If you're a new mom, a good mentor would be someone who has several children or has a child that is older than your's. 

A mentor should be someone you strive to be like. For example, you might be new to yoga, and you wouldn't want someone who was constantly putting you down for being new. A mentor should lift you up, not drag you down.

Mentors are motivators. They get you going and they show you what life can be like. These are people you strive to be like.

2. The peers

Your peers are people who are at your level. Another new mom. Another yoga novice. That way, you can grow and learn together, at the pace you two are going at. Having a small circle (maybe 2 people) of peers can be great because they can relate to you. You can bounce ideas off each other, vent, and feel at peace knowing that you're not alone.

A great place to meet others like you is through the Meetup app. The first few meetings may seem kind of awkward, but that's okay! You'll eventually feel more comfortable opening up, as you get to know people.

3. The Little brother/sister

I call this role the little brother/sister role because now you would be the one acting as a mentor. You will most likely be supporting them in their endeavors, rather than them supporting you.

Still, this is considered one of your support circles because to teach something is to relearn it all over again. You go back to the basics. It's a simple role but so rewarding.

Where do you find these people?

If you're a homebody that enjoys online relationships, you can find these types of people in online support groups

However, if you prefer to meet people in person, you can definitely try Meetup, or meeting others through social media. You might not meet someone immediately, but keep it in the back of your mind that you'd like to meet someone from one of these support circles. They will eventually come, but you do need to do some legwork attending meetups and social gatherings.

Who do you have in your support circle?

Let me know in the comments below!