Hey there. I'm Fiona.

The Fractured Light is my personal blog where I share tongue-in-cheek posts about living well in the face of borderline personality disorder. Here is where I house bits of inspiration, advice, and musings on life.

I want this website to be more than just a diary. My goal for creating this blog is to connect with others that live with invisible obstacles.

On my free time, I can be found watching throwback horror flicks, streaming horror games, and taking my puppy, Peanut, for walks around the beach. If you ever need something, even just to say hi, I can be reached at fiona@thefracturedlight.com

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Why 'The Fractured Light'?

I always saw the mind as a "light." When it sparks, our creativity goes and magic begins to happen. However, living with mental health disorders makes me feel like my "light" has been "fractured" in a way, but it's not broken. It just shines light a bit differently than other.

So it's a reminder to others, yes, we have our fractures, but we still shine.

Cheesy, I know, but then again, I'm a cheeseball. <3

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