Talking to Someone Who Has Borderline Personality Disorder

Being the loved one of someone who lives with borderline personality disorder comes with challenges of your own. You don't understand the world that the borderline lives in. Outbursts, conflicts, and obstacles come from seemingly nowhere. It feels like walking on eggshells around the borderline.

To communicate with someone who has borderline personality disorder, it's important to understand how the borderline mind works. Borderlines are prone to split thinking, seeing the world as either all-good or all-bad. With you, it means that at any given time, you are either all-support or never-supportive. There's rarely any in between.

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How to Spruce up Your Living Space

I admit, when I scroll through Instagram, I am usually brimming with jealousy because so many people have these homes that look like sanctuaries. Beautifully minimalistic furniture. Giant windows that shower through just enough light to capture that perfect social media photograph. A kitchen with marble countertops that make a gorgeous backdrop for any food related photo.

Back to my reality, I'm not yet living in the means to make my home look like the photographs I pine after, but that's no reason to sulk. I'm currently living in the teeniest of apartments, while I wait for a house that I'm ready to buy. Apartment life is stressful for me since I have more boxes than living space, but I'm set on making this place homely while I'm here for the next few months.

Here are some ways to spruce up a living space…

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You Don't Need a Savior, You Need This Instead

In the beginning, it feels really nice. You know, the type of guy that never received much attention from other girls, so he throws himself all over you, in an effort to keep you. He knows about your past- all the men that have hurt you before and the way the world has been brutal to you. He offers everything- a trusted shoulder to cry on, safety, and someone who will never abandon you.

Because that's where it all began- with the abandonment.

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Dating while Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Dating, having a favorite person, idealizing someone and then devaluing them, are all the not-so-fun parts of living with borderline personality disorder. As a mental health disorder that robs you of your self-value, sense of identity, and creates a confusing world of relationships (that are usually one sided), dating while living with BPD can feel like a burden.

Some of the cycles that borderlines face, while dating, looks like…

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5 Online Mental Health Support Groups

I often turn to my support system over the internet, rather than going to people I know in person. When using an online mental health support group, I'm allowed the time to sit there, write my thoughts, and then edit them, afterwards. With mental health support groups, I may not be getting professional help from a certified therapist, but I am hearing stories and advice from others who live with a mental health disorder.

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10 Ways to be Nicer to Yourself When You Feel Like Shit

Living with a form of bipolar disorder, I sometimes have mood swings that drag me way down low. For lack of a better word, I feel like absolute shit. I begin to self-deprecate. I binge eat. I stop taking care of myself. The cruel, harsh internal voice will surface and I won't stop it, thinking that I deserve all the terrible things I tell myself.

In these moments, we need kindness the most…

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Abuse Series, Part 1: Coming to Terms with Abuse

This is the first of a three part series talking about life after abuse. Often, I read messages or urges from people on social media or forums, asking people to get help if they have found themselves in an abusive relationship. Get out. Seek refuse. Say something. Today's blog post is a narrative, an open talk about what happens after escaping an abuser.

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Making Recovery Goals that Stick

Now that June is here, it's time to reflect on some of the growth and recovery made this year. In the beginning of every year, I like to tell myself that "this year will be different." It rarely is. I find myself stuck in the same cycles and behaviors over and over again. This year, I was adamant about looking for ways that I was hurting myself and my relationships, to try to make something different happen this year.

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How to Love a Girl with Borderline Personality Disorder

I write this for the person, whether you are the boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, child, friend, whomever, of the girl with borderline personality disorder. I'm well aware of the other articles that you'll find on this subject. You'll be told to run from us, never trust us, and to not believe a word that comes out of our mouths, especially because of the harsh reality of what it's like to love a girl with borderline personality disorder.

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